Unsecured Business Loan

Fast Unsecured Business Loans are a form of funding that is provided without the borrower needing to give the bank or NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company) any security. These Unsecured Business Loans Process on the basis of the minimal documentation i.e. individual’s financial information, including their income, average volume of credits in your bank accounts, credit score, and other factors. One can apply for Unsecured Business Loans in India to obtain the purchase of raw materials, machinery, or to apply for tenders to manage cash flow without having to provide the bank with any collateral or other guarantees.

Obtaining a business loan has grown more effortless and simpler in the digital age. Entrepreneurs may quickly apply for business loans online from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, and utilise user-friendly tools such as EMI calculators to estimate payment amounts, thanks to online business loan providers. To find a business loan is now easier than ever. However, with so many business loan companies functioning digitally, you need a reputable provider to ensure complete transparency. As a result, Atul Adani provides unsecured business loan eligibility, giving businesses additional freedom and alternatives. So, if you need money to build your business, look into the digital business loan market and take advantage of the comfort and ease it provides.

Loan and Interest Rate

The maximum business loan tenure available for Unsecured Business Loan from top banks and NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Company) can go upto Rs. 1 crores. According to the individual’s profile and company needs, interest rates will differ among banks. The individual’s credit history, capacity to pay off the loan, credit history, annual revenue, and other criteria all affect the loan EMI’s and Unsecured Business Loan interest rates.

These entrepreneur loans are taken with the intention to operate an existing small business, grow it, or for any other business loan requirements. These Unsecured Loans provide additional funding for the company and aid the business owners or management in realising the full potential of the company, whether Small Business Loans or Giant Business Loans.

Types of Unsecured Loans for Businesses

Term Loan: Every Loan, Secured or Unsecured, that is taken out for a certain period of time and must be returned in the format of monthly installments (EMIs) during the time period specified. 

Working Capital Loan: Working Capital Loans are available to help with everyday business expenditures and are granted depending on the individual’s credit score and ability to make repayments.

Overdraft: An Overdraft is a form of loan or credit limit that the lender has allocated and that can be used in amounts that are set by the commercial bank. Only the amount from the issued or approved credit limit that has been used or borrowed is subject to interest charges.

Loans under Government schemes: Small business entrepreneurs can access Business Loan offers through a variety of government-initiated loan programmes at a relatively low rate of interest. Included in these programmes are Stand-up India, Start-up Scheme, and Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Businesses, among others. 

Merchant Cash Advance: It is a form of cash advance that relies on credit card transactions that are placed in a merchant’s account. Credit card swipes or the company’s monthly turnover are used to determine the amount owed. 

Micro Loans: Micro Finance Institutions typically offer microloans to help borrowers fulfil their immediate monetary needs. According to the requirements of the firm, the loan amount granted under microlending ranges from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs or more.

Business Credit Cards: Also, business owners have the option of borrowing from their Business Credit Cards. The loan amount is approved by the lender to help a business with its working capital needs.

Eligibility Criteria And Documents Required

  • Age Requirements: To be eligible, borrowers must be at least 18 years old when submitting a loan application and no older than 65 when the loan is due.
  • Credit Rating:  750 or higher.
  • Business Presence: Functioning from the same site for the past year and showing evidence of profitability for at least a year.
  • The applicant must be employed and provide wage slips as proof of income.
  • Bank information or the most recent six-month bank statement.

Lesser Documentation Faster Processing

unsecured business loan

Identity Proof

Identity Proof

Proof of identity of the borrower and co borrower (passport/ voter’s ID/ driving license/ PAN card/ Aadhar card)

Address Proof

Address Proof

Proof of address (latest utility bill/ ration card/passport, Maintenance)

Income Proof

Income Proof

Proof of income / financial documents: income tax return & bank statement.

Features And Benefits

Credit facility based on eligibility

Tenure of 3 to 24 months

Flexible repayment options

No Collateral required

Quick approval with minimum documentation

The requirements and benefits for unsecured business loans online vary between banks. Mentioned below are traits that these loans comprise:

  • Unsecured Business Loans Online are provided without any kind of guarantee or security.
  • These loans are granted based on the individual’s good credit score and payback record. The lender may also take into account additional relevant requirements.
  • Typically, banks demand that a business be operating profitably for at least two years.
  • The loan amount might range till Rs. 1 crore for Unsecured Loan and Rs. 2 crore for Secured Loan, based on the size and requirements of the firm.
  • The loan’s term is often variable and might be anywhere between one and five years, or even longer.

Entrepreneurs who are just starting out, owners of existing businesses, traders, retailers, manufacturers, and private/public/partnership firms, can all qualify and Apply for a Business Unsecured Loan from our Financial Institution.


While we do not fund start-ups, you can select an Unsecured Business Loan if you have a solid credit record or economic status to avoid more interest rates. 

Unsecured Business Loans are made depending on the individual’s ability to pay. There is no minimum loan requirement, and unsecured loans ranging from Rs. 75 lakhs to Rs. 1 crores can be taken out.

Due to the lack of supplied security to cover the debt in the event of non-payment, the interest rates on Unsecured Business Loans are often more significant than those on other Unsecured Business Loan types.

There is no need for collateral or security in Unsecured Business Loans. It is mainly based on the creditworthiness of the borrower. Having higher interest rates and shorter repayment terms, Unsecured Loans are widely provided to established enterprises with a strong credit history.

Follow this method to apply for an Unsecured Business Loan: 

  • Collect financial documents such as bank statements, tax returns, running loan documents etc.
  • Examine your personal and company credit ratings.
  • Create a business strategy that outlines your objectives and financial estimates.
  • Fill out the lender’s application form completely and accurately.
  • Submit the application along with other necessary documentation.
  • Wait for approval and go over the loan details.
  • Accept the loan offer if it is suitable, then follow the lender’s instructions.

It purely depends upon the institution. While NBFC takes a couple of days, banks may take a few weeks for Unsecured Business Loans, however, various other factors such as the thoroughness of your application and the complexity of your company’s financial status are equally counted.

Obtaining a Business Loan can give the Finances needed to fuel business growth, cover working capital needs, capitalise on opportunities, create a credit history, keep ownership and control, and have flexibility in fund utilisation.

While you may acquire an Unsecured Business Loan from a variety of sources, including traditional banks, online lenders, and credit unions, AAFSPL (atul adani financial services pvt ltd) is one of the acknowledged and trusted finance providers you can choose to find the greatest fit for your business goals and loan criteria. Visit the website for additional information.

In India, interest rates for Unsecured Business Loans for startups might vary. Usually, Unsecured Loans have higher interest rates compared to secured loans. Lenders may charge higher interest rates to compensate for the increased risk because startups frequently have limited credit history and a higher risk perception. The exact interest rate offered, however, will be determined by criteria like the lender, the startup’s financial profile, creditworthiness, and other pertinent factors.

No, you do not normally need to submit a down payment to obtain a business loan. Business Loans do not normally require one. Business Loans are normally granted as a lump sum payment that you are required to return with interest over a set period of time. However, specific loan terms and conditions might vary based on the lender and the sort of Business Loan you want, so it’s always beneficial to speak with the lender personally to find out their unique requirements.

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